About Deniz Ercelebi


Passionate about art, Deniz Erçelebi is the self-taught artist behind DNZSEART. Capable of capturing the most intimate details, including through her custom portrait work, Deniz offers expressive art with a beautiful elegance to it. She has an industrial design background but spent years experimenting with different mediums and techniques to create her one-of-a-kind designs. Each piece communicates a powerful message with clear technique and stunning detail.

Deniz worked as a product designer in New York City for six years. She then relocated to Richmond, Virginia where her passion for art really took off. She continues to design and create in her home studio in the area. Over the years, her work has been prominently displayed in a wide range of locations. This includes a group exhibition in New York City and a solo exhibition in Richmond. She's also participated in two RAW events.

Today, many of her subjects are women and animals within pop-surreal settings. She continues to experiment with traditional techniques but is also incorporating more digital illustration within her work. And, perhaps what she is most interested in is helping people to create beautiful, unique pieces through custom portraits. The DNZSEA brand is not only known for its beauty and sophistication but depth and vivid portrayals.

Along with her art, her passion in life centers around her husband Josh and son Doah along with furry friends Hugo the cat and Margo the dog.